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What They Say

Polly Kummel is a consummate professional with a magic touch for shaping manuscripts into marketable products.

—Kyle Keiderling, Shooting Star; Heart of a Lion; Incident in LA; The Perfect Game; Trophies and Tears

"Polly Kummel, copy editor extraordinaire, made both my writing and my thinking more precise. In addition, she contributed many kind words and humorous anecdotes."

Peter Murphy, Studs, Tools, and the Family Jewels


"Polly Kummel skillfully copyedited the text, immeasurably improving its flow and accuracy."

Bruce S. Jansson, The Sixteen-Trillion-Dollar Mistake

"Polly Kummel copyedited [my book] with a deft but light hand."

Warren Corbett, The Wizard of Waxahachie

"We are greatly indebted to Polly Kummel, copy editor extraordinaire."

Andrew Weil, M.D., and Winifred Rosen, From Chocolate to Morphine, rev. ed.

". . . Polly Kummel, whose editorial guidance was invaluable. It was a joy to work with someone as skilled as Polly because she really grasped the nuances of my ideas and knew exactly how to push and direct the book in progress. She made a difficult process a lot more fun."

Robert A. Ibarra, Beyond Affirmative Action, p. xv

"I have been fortunate to have as my copy editor Polly Kummel, whose sharp editorial skills and passionate interest in the news business helped enormously to make this a better book."

Edward Alwood, Straight News

"Our copy editor, Polly Kummel, proved quite extraordinary and greatly aided the quality of the manuscript."

David R. Colburn and Jeffrey S. Adler eds., African-American Mayors, p. vii

"Polly Kummel was the best copy editor I can imagine."

Michael Robertson, Stephen Crane, Journalism, and the Making of Modern American Literature, p. vii

"Polly Kummel, an outstanding copy editor, substantially improved the book's clarity."

Virginia E. Richardson and Amanda S. Barusch, Gerontological Practice for the Twenty-first Century

Contact Polly Kummel at or call her at 803-641-6831.


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